Are these the best Bitcoin memes on the internet?

Are these the best Bitcoin memes on the internet?

Everyone knows that memes are to the internet what cats are to the internet. From gallows humour when the bottom falls out of the market to suggestions on how to spend the money that’s been made, it’s an ever more popular part of owning Bitcoin. Some memes even became coins, we’re looking at you DOGE.
But in this sea of memes, some shine more brightly than others.
These Bitcoin memes encapsulate everything that comes with holding bitcoin, the thrilling ups and the horrendous downs. No matter what happens with the price of Bitcoin, the community will always be relied upon to showcase their creativity, we have the blog team at Cloudbet for gathering these together.

  • Not all explanations of the blockchain could go this smoothly

  • We’re sure most people can relate to this

  • Anyone else get those looks from people when you explain what a blockchain is? Reckon someone in the 80s could understand Instagram?

  • This one really hit home

  • And showing that there’s a life outside bitcoin, but not necessarily the best way to make money

  • People’s personal choices aside, just remember that money doesn’t buy happiness…

  • Soccer referees don’t always make controversial decisions you know

  • This one’s always relevant

  • But the struggles are real when the price moves the wrong way

  • And lastly, if there’s one thing the community agrees on, it’s that opinions are never in short supply