ApeTools Public Sale to take place on 3 different Launchpad platforms

ApeTools Public Sale to take place on 3 different Launchpad platforms

DeFiDrop is a new and revolutionary launchpad for DeFi projects seeking to offer a personalized touch for new investors. DeFiDrop acknowledges that existing launchpads are too generic and might not offer the best results for new protocols. Furthermore, there is a misconception that projects whose development teams choose to remain anonymous cannot be trusted. This notion has seen most DeFi projects fail to meet their full potential because they are not given a fair chance in the market.

However, DeFiDrop is changing this narrative by giving a chance to anonymous projects. DeFiDrop has an elaborate in-house team that vets all projects to ensure they are legitimate. Therefore, investors should not be worried about the platform hosting scammy projects. Basically, DeFiDrop aims to streamline the raising process for all new teams that want to impact the DeFi ecosystem backed by exclusive and secure opportunities for the community. At the same time, DeFiDrop ensures all projects adhere to quality in a transparent environment.

On May 23, 2021, DeFiDrop hosted its second token sale for ApeTools, a trading tool for Binance chain pairs. During the token sale, there was an allocation of 100 BNB where the initial unlock was set at 50%, while the remaining 50% will be available after 45 days.

The public sale token price is set at 25,000 TAPE for 1 BNB with a maximum cap per wallet set at 0.5 BNB. Before the launch, the total supply for the TAPE token was set at 100,000,000, while the initial circulating supply is at 13,800,000 TAPE. Besides DeFiDrop, the token sale will also be held at the Launchzone for BSCX holders. Through ApeTools, investors can explore the ape activity happening on Uniswap, Sushiswap, Cakeswap, and more from a single dashboard.

Before hosting the Apetool token sale, the DeFiDrop also conducted the sale of EchoToken, a real-time DeFi tool for early investors, analysts, traders, and developers. EchoToken enables investors to discover new projects on time before others. The protocol also avails advanced tools for swap trades like tracking whale movements, among others.

What to Know About DeFiDrop?

As a means of having more reach, DeFiDrop is also partnering with other businesses in the DeFi sector. The platform has partnered with DeFiBoost, HashEx, CryptoEx, and UniMex, adding value to DeFiDrop’s value proposition. These projects are relatively young but are thriving.