AMFEIX – An Investment Fund with Key Security Features to Protect your Funds

AMFEIX - An Investment Fund with Key Security Features to Protect your Funds

As the world’s first cryptocurrency trading fund was built on smart contracts via the decentralized Ethereum network, security is of utmost importance to the Fund. Given the new and highly volatile nature of the cryptocurrency industry, the company has taken some measures to ensure maximum security on investor funds in this nascent and exciting industry. Below are a few measures that ensure investments remain secure using this service.

Secure Decentralized Wallet

This investment fund operates on the Ethereum network, a decentralized software system that is not controlled by any single entity or government. Therefore, the wallet into which users can deposit their funds is equally decentralized. By building this investment fund on a decentralized application, no single body, parastatals, regulatory bodies, or any centralized authority can lay claim to control or manipulation of funds. This ensures that the funds remain secure from any outside parties, hence ensuring maximum security and peace of mind for the investors.

Cold Wallet

In order to minimize the risk of hacking, AMFEIX only keeps 30-50% of the pooled funds to generate profits through trade and exchange. The remaining 50-70% of the funds is stored in Bitcoin, which is the base currency, and held in multiple ledger cold wallets. Cold storage means keeping the remainder of the non-profit generating coins offline, free from online circulation and, in this way, ensuring that they are completely hacking proof. With this being one of the best security features in the market for digital assets, AMFEIX clients can rest easy knowing that their investments are in safe hands.

Seed Keys

AMFEIX’s wallets are secured with 12 random seed keys. Seed keys are a set of 12 words that secure your account and are used to recover it in when needed. In order to ensure maximum security, these keys are used to verify and link the device with the wallet and require a password consisting of eight characters.
It is advisable to write down your keys in a safe place where they can be retrieved easily. Without these keys, you will not be able to access your funds. Safe storage could entail engraving them in metallic cards, storing them in safes or deposit banks, and having them in memory. Those 12 words are the keys to your wallet and are more important than your password.

Investor Security

AMFEIX has some of the most highly skilled traders and investment professionals with the technical experience to manage, trade, and invest your capital among various cryptocurrencies. At any given moment, only 30-50% of pooled investments are actively generating profits while the rest, 50-70% of the funds, are stored offline. This ensures that no single investment loss or bad move would affect the funds as a whole. This also serves as an incredible longevity strategy for the Fund, ensuring that it is stable and secure in the long haul.