AlgoBlocks gets selected by Binance’s BNB Chain MVBIV and completes triple IDOs

AlgoBlocks gets selected by Binance’s BNB Chain MVBIV and completes triple IDOs

AlgoBlocks has been accepted to the fifth batch of Binance’s Most Valuable Builder IV (“MVBIV”) incubatiAlgoBlockson program as one of 18 projects who were selected for the program. The program is extremely competitive as there were more than 450+ projects who applied for the program.

“MVB Incubation Program is organized by Binance to bolster the cryptopreneurial community and provide more support to builders innovating on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC)”

AlgoBlocks, among others, will receive marketing and community support, security support, mentorship, and masterclasses from the program. Depending on its performance during the program, AlgoBlocks may be considered for financial investment from Binance or from its ecosystem affiliates as well as being considered as a candidate for ultimately listing on Binance.

Last but definitely not least, Algoblocks has completed its successful public round fundraising with a trio of IDO platforms; KrystalGO (April 07), Decubate (April 14) and Poolz (April 15). The IDOs were all sold out within an hour of going live despite turbulent market conditions which exemplifies the strong support it has from its community.

Shortly after, AlgoBlocks will be conducting a simultaneous listing on MEXC, BitMart and PancakeSwap on April 19, 2022, at 10:00 UTC.

What is AlgoBlocks?
As an all-in-one DeFi management platform, AlgoBlocks aims to simplify the process of interacting with multiple DeFi protocols across different blockchains. Here are the summary of product features that AlgoBlocks will offer to DeFi users:

  • All In one DeFi Dashboard, connect the wallet to view your DeFi portfolio.
  • Intelligent and personalized signals system.
  • Curated one-click investment option or DIY your own pre-programmed trade.
  • Marketplace, visit the marketplace to find curated DeFi Investment recommendations.
  • Swap Assets, and access multiple DEXes on a single page.
  • Comprehensive Dapp and DEX search engine, from DEXes to NFTs.
  • DeFi education portal with a gamified system to encourage DeFi newbies to learn DeFi concepts and earn NFTs.

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