A to Z of Meebits NFT collection investors should know before selling

A to Z of Meebits NFT collection investors should know before selling

Created by a custom generative algorithm and housed on the Ethereum blockchain, the Meebits NFTs collection comprises 20,000 unique 3D voxel characters.

Launched in May 2021, with a market capitalization of $832.8 million, the NFT collection enjoys 3.2% of the total NFT market capitalization of $23 trillion. 

Also, with an all-time trading volume of $9.73 billion, Meebits leads the entire market with a 19.37% market share of the total $61.22 billion trading volume. This has caused it to earn its spot as a “Blue-Chip” NFT collection.

According to data from Santiment, the Meebits NFT contract address has seen a spike in its interactions and transactions this week. Both metrics have touched the highest levels yet since February.

How has the NFT collection performed in the last seven days?

Meebits is up

As per data from CryptoSlam, with $6,035,899.79 totaled in sales volume in the last 29 days, the Meebits collection has seen a 46% uptick in sales volume from the $3,207,926.51 registered in June.

According to data from NFT Price Floor, the collection’s price floor stood at 5.1 ETH at press time. On a 7-day window period, this has grown by 8%. In the last 24 hours, the price floor of Meebits was up 15.25%.

Further, in the last seven days, the number of sales and purchase transactions for Meebits totaled 367, according to data from NFTGo. Within that period, $1.79 million was recorded in total sales volume.

With this figure, the number of transactions to buy or sell the Meebits NFTs in the last seven days grew by 40.08%.

Similarly, in the same period, data from NFTGo showed that the number of transactions to send or receive NFTs contained in the Meebits collection logged a 7.92% uptick. A total of 218 transfer transactions were recorded in the last seven days. 

Come and buy my Meebits

Within the period under review, the blue-chip NFT collection managed a 27.03% uptick in the number of unique addresses that bought NFTs at least once from the collection. In the last seven days, 171 unique addresses snagged at least one Meebits. 

Conversely, the number of unique addresses that sold NFTs at least once from the Meebits collection also saw a 27.59% increment within the period under review.