1M ENS names validated and the ENS’ April 2022 report card states…

1M ENS names validated and the ENS' April 2022 report card states...

Sales of Ethereum Name Service (ENS) domains have skyrocketed. At current market prices, the base price for a four-digit ENS domain name is around 0.5 ETH, which is over $1,450. Ethereum users rushed to purchase scarce three- and four-digit names. Furthermore, the number of eth. name registrations saw a spike post 21 April.

April 2022 Report Card

At the time of writing on 2 May, the top NFT project, ENS gained around a 100% surge in the past 24 hours. In fact, in just a week, it soared to around 4400% as per data on OpenSea.

ENS reached the impressive ‘1M ENS’ names milestone as highlighted in the 2 May tweet.

*One Million* ENS names have now been created! 🎉🎉

— ens.eth (@ensdomains) May 1, 2022

Now, moving on from the current price to the past one, ENS has recorded impressive statistics. It showed around 163k new registrations (total ~990k names). Dune Analytics’ insight below highlights the same.

In addition, 38k new eth accounts with at least one ENS name (total 387k) got created, and more than 4,000 ETH in secondary, on OpenSea in April, this year.

Overall, the ENS team on 2 May showcased or rather summarised April 2022 report card. Fair to say, the results came out with flying colors.

april 2022 ENS stats:

– 163k new .eth registrations (total ~990k names)
– 2,660 ETH in fees (up 900 ETH from prev best month, Nov21)
– ~$7.8m in protocol revenue (all goes to the DAO)
– 38k new eth accounts w/ at least 1 ENS name (total 387k)
– >4,000 ETH in secondary on OpenSea

— ens.eth (@ensdomains) May 2, 2022

Continuing the trend, The ENS NFTs saw a surge in volume recently. In fact, this craze caused the daily trade volume, on 28 April, to surpass that of the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) on NFT marketplace OpenSea.

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