10 VPN services that accept Bitcoins [BTC]

10 VPN services that accept Bitcoins [BTC]

One of the main reasons for buying a VPN is to keep your online activity private. Ironically, many of those who seek to keep their search history and downloads in secret, buy VPN using traditional currencies and standard payment methods.
Of course, you may ask why to buy VPN if there are many services providing VPN for free as it mentioned at Cooltechzone.
But if you are looking for more secure services you will probably be interested in purchasing it.

Most often, a VPN purchase is made through PayPal or using a credit card, but these online payment methods are the easiest to track. You can be determined not only by identity but also to get a lot of additional private information about yourself.
In addition, when paying by PayPal or by credit card, it is worth remembering that each of these methods implies a commission charge on the purchase, which decreases the incomes of the VPN providers, making them dependent on the banks and legislators.
Why use Bitcoin VPN services
In order to deprive traditional financial institutions of such income, as well as in order to achieve maximum confidentiality when buying a VPN, many prefer to choose anonymous payment methods such as Bitcoin to make such operations.
If you use all the features of the Bitcoin network, such as secure wallets and pseudonyms, then you can be sure that the transaction will not reveal your identity.
In addition, Bitcoin is a decentralized payment method. This means that no corporation, government or financial institution can stop its operation. Finally, Bitcoin is fast, cheap, and secure—transactions are performed quickly on the network, while fees are usually much lower than credit cards, and the degree of protection against fraud is extremely high.
For all the reasons mentioned above, several well-known VPN service providers accept payments in Bitcoins, and some of them even refused to accept bank cards and other payment methods, except cryptocurrency.

The list of Top 10 Bitcoin VPN Services could help you to choose the best one for your needs:

  1. Tor Guard;
  2. Private Internet Access;
  3. IP Vanish VPN;
  4. Express VPN;
  5. VPN Area;
  6. Air VPN;
  7. Iron Socket;
  8. Anonine;
  9. Safer VPN;
  10. Shade You.